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Giving a person or entity power of attorney in Ohio over your affairs is a good way to keep things in order. There are many reasons for doing so, just as there are many documents to match up with specific legal conditions. Let’s take a closer look at granting Ohio power of attorney.

A PoA entails legal documentation giving a person or organization the authority to act on your behalf. The person given the authority is the “agent.” The representative is the “principal.” In the Buckeye state, any agent acting as a healthcare power of attorney is referred to as the “attorney in fact.”

Power of attorney requirements and specifications are in Title XIII of the Ohio Revised Code. Financial matters under the umbrella are in Section 1337.21 of the Uniform Power of Attorney Act. Healthcare provisions start in Section 1337.11.

Any mentally competent individual at least 18 years old can give consent for this document.

Ohio Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney in Ohio gives the agent the authority to make decisions for you if you are sick or injured. Depending on the document, this person or entity can make decisions regarding things like finances or healthcare.

Ohio General Power of Attorney

General PoA can entail a variety of implications. The agent is essentially assigned the responsibility of managing all your legal matters, business, financial, health, and others.

You might apply general power of attorney in Ohio if you find yourself mentally or physically disabled. The principal may want their affairs managed while they deal with other matters. It’s not uncommon for an estate plan to have a general PoA agent.

Ohio Limited Power of Attorney

The limited power of attorney grants a person or organization the right to make decisions on a limited basis. They will perform very specific functions delegated by the document.

Ohio Medical Power of Attorney

The medical power of attorney gives the agent the power to make decisions about healthcare. The agent is usually in play when the principal cannot make the decisions themselves due to incapacitation.

Ohio Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

Ohio power of attorney for a minor is a legal process where a parent or guardian turns the care of a child to another party. The document is not an adoption or foster care, nor is it permanent. It comes with a specific period of time that the child stays with the third party.


Download a free power of attorney form for Ohio. Fill the document out. Then, take the document to a notary with two witnesses for signing.

You can revoke permission through oral or written notice. You can do this at any time at your preference.

After completing the form, bring the document to a notary with two witnesses. The notary will have you sign the document before the witnesses. They will stamp the form and sign it. This creates a legal and binding document.