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Oregon power of attorney is a legal document that formally grants a trusted representative (agent) authority to handle their financial, medical, business, or other personal affairs, acting on behalf of an individual (principal).

Once signed, the agent, also known as attorney-in-power, can present the power of attorney form, Oregon, to start making decisions on the principal’s behalf.

A most common situation that necessitates a PoA is when a principal surrenders control over their financial or medical matters (durable and medical POA, respectively) to their spouse or children if they’re in any way incapacitated.

Oregon Durable Power of Attorney

The Oregon Durable Power of Attorney appoints a person (attorney-in-fact or agent) to manage a person’s (principal’s) affairs, such as asset property negotiation, acquisition and disposition, and banking transactions.

The appointed attorney-in-fact or agent doesn’t necessarily have to be an accredited attorney but someone the principal trusts with their matters. It takes effect when the principal is no longer capable of making their own decisions.

Oregon General Power of Attorney

The General Power of Attorney form in Oregon is similar to the Durable Power of Attorney. It hands over control of a person’s (principal’s) finances, assets, and other business-related matters specified in the document. 

The difference is that the rights handed to the attorney-in-fact end when the principal becomes incapacitated or incapable of making his or her own decisions.

Oregon Limited Power of Attorney

The Oregon Limited Power of Attorney is executed to complete specific financial negotiations or transactions.

The principal acknowledges that they’ve authorized the agent or attorney-in-fact to represent them in matters relating to the tasks stipulated in the power of attorney form.

This document is, therefore, typically used for one transaction or over a discrete period.

Oregon Medical Power of Attorney

This form is used by a person (principal) to appoint another (attorney-in-fact or agent) to make decisions on their healthcare and represent them in the unfortunate circumstance that they can’t decide on their own or are unable to communicate effectively.  

Oregon Minor (Child) Power of Attorney      

This form allows parents (principal) to legally assign a temporary guardian (attorney-in-fact or agent) to take up the responsibility of caring for their children.

Typically, this would be necessary when the parents are unavailable due to military deployment, work-related travel, or family commitments. However, it can only be for a period not exceeding six months.

The Oregon minor power of attorney form allows the appointed person to decide on anything concerning the children’s schooling and healthcare.


Here are some frequently asked questions:

The principal must, in writing, express the desire to appoint someone to act on their behalf, and sign. This document is not limited to any particular form, and you can create a free Oregon power of attorney form online.

In a written document known as a Revocation of Power of Attorney, a principal can confirm that they no longer require attorney-in-fact services, thereby revoking a power of attorney in Oregon.

You notarize a power of attorney by filling out an acknowledgment form and attaching it to the PoA, and affirming that the principal approached you willfully and that the signature on the document belongs to the principal.