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An Idaho purchase agreement is a legal document outlining an agreement between a buyer and seller of either real estate, stock, or other property and assets. The individual or entity receiving the asset is the buyer, and the individual or entity getting rid of it is called the seller.

A purchase agreement in Idaho protects the interests of both the buyer and seller.

Idaho Real Estate Purchase Agreement

An Idaho real estate purchase agreement acts as a contract between a person selling real estate and buying real estate. The document outlines the terms, conditions, and price of the property.

Idahoan law requires the seller to provide a disclosure that incorporates all facets of the real estate prior to finalizing the purchase agreement.

Before the document is considered complete, both the buyer and seller must provide their signatures to make sure the document becomes a binding contract.

Idaho Business Purchase Agreement

An Idaho business purchase agreement acts as a contract to transfer ownership of a business from one individual to another.

The agreement outlines warranties and the rights of buyer and seller. Additionally, Idaho law creates liability on buyers for a seller’s sales tax. In other words, it is possible that a buyer may become responsible for the seller’s unpaid tax.

Idaho Asset Purchase Agreement

An Idaho asset purchase agreement is a contract between a buyer and seller that outlines the conditions of the sale of an entity’s assets.

During an asset purchase in Idaho, the buyer may only buy the assets mentioned in the purchase agreement, usually tangible or intangible property.

Idaho Land Purchase Agreement

An Idaho land purchase agreement is a contract that constitutes the purchase of real estates such as vacant land, a home, apartment building, commercial building, or other property. The Idaho land purchase agreement includes the transaction price and legal description as noted on the deed.

Both buyer and seller decide on the closing date to make the agreement final. While finalizing the purchase agreement, both parties exchange funds due if there are any. Then, the seller will transfer the property deed to the buyer.

The land deed will then need to be recorded to the County Recorder’s Office of the county in which the property is located.

Idaho Stock Purchase Agreement

An Idaho stock purchase agreement is a contract between the buyer and the company or shareholders selling the stock. The purchase agreement acts as legal documentation required by Idaho state law when buying or selling stock.

 Generally, a stock purchase agreement details the type of stock sold, purchase price, price per share, and date of the transaction.

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