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Every state has templates and information on various purchase agreement types. Read on to learn about New Hampshire purchase agreements, whether for real estate, land purchasing, purchase and sale, assets, or business/stock purchasing.

What Is a Purchase Agreement?

A purchase agreement is a legally binding sales contract between the buyer and the seller. A New Hampshire purchase agreement must contain a “Due Diligence” standard section. This section includes restrictions on the use of the lot, improvements, pets, tenants, and resale. It also has the rights of others to use the land/product.

In New Hampshire, each type of purchase agreement has a template to follow. Pay close attention to the regulations and required sections for your specific type of purchase agreement.

What Are the Different Types of New Hampshire Purchase Agreements?

Here are some of the most common types of the purchase agreement in NH that you will see.

New Hampshire Real Estate Purchase Agreement

A real estate purchase agreement is the most common type of purchase and sale agreement in New Hampshire. Attached is a template that outlines all of the specific sections needed in a New Hampshire real estate purchase agreement.

This purchase contract template includes a “Property” section. This section describes the locations and specifics of the property. The “Purchase Price” section outlines everything that needs to be on the money side of the agreement.

There are multiple other sections describing the agreement between the buyer and seller. The bottom section requires signatures by those buying the real estate and the seller and a witness for each.

New Hampshire Business Purchase Agreement

A New Hampshire business purchase agreement outlines the buying or selling of a business. This free template gives the information needed.

The opening clause outlines the locations of the business. A transfer of title is required, and a discussion of the company’s insurance. The template also requires a witness and discusses the selling price.

The agreement details all parts of the business and everything included with the purchase. Both the buyers and sellers must initial the purchase agreement.

New Hampshire Asset Purchase Agreement

A New Hampshire asset purchase agreement template gives details on an asset purchase agreement in New Hampshire. It begins by defining significant terms.

The template outlines the transfer of purchased assets and assumed liabilities and the closing of the purchase. The signature of both the buyer and the seller is required.

New Hampshire Land Purchase Agreement

The free attached template outlines the regulations of a New Hampshire land purchase agreement. The sale of the property, purchase price, interest charges, property taxes, and assessments are all addressed.

Both the purchaser and seller have to sign an acknowledgment at the end of the agreement.

New Hampshire Stock Purchase Agreement

A stock purchase agreement in New Hampshire requires this free template. The stock purchase agreement document in New Hampshire includes a witness, purchase, sale, and purchase price.

Both the seller and purchaser must sign and date the stock purchase agreement.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the New Hampshire agreement.

One can write a purchase agreement in New Hampshire using a template. The attached templates or other online templates will work as long as they include all required sections.

A New Hampshire purchase agreement does not require notarization.

Gather all of the required information for your specific type of purchase agreement, then fill out a purchase agreement template.