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When a Kansas citizen purchases or sells vehicles or other property, it’s helpful both to the possessor and the state courts to have specifics of the transaction, which can include vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers. It also includes firearms and certain livestock.

Read on for more details about a bill of sale in Kansas, like how and where to obtain one.

Kansas General Bill of Sale

You can access a general bill of sale for items in Kansas here. You can use the form for vehicles, firearms, and certain types of livestock, such as horses.

Kansas Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

The general bill of sale form outlines a vehicle transfer and is the easiest to utilize in this context. Follow the steps above to ensure proper legal adherence.

In Kansas, vehicles that are at least 35 years old can use a bill of sale to transfer ownership. Vehicles less than this age must use the car title for a transfer.

There is also an Odometer Disclosure Statement Form required along with the bill of sale for a motor vehicle.

Kansas Motorcycle Bill of Sale

The general bill of sale form is usable for the purchase of a motorcycle in Kansas.

Kansas Boat Bill of Sale

The general bill of sale form is usable for the purchase of a boat in Kansas.

Kansas Trailer Bill of Sale

The general bill of sale form is usable for the purchase of a trailer in Kansas.

Kansas Firearm Bill of Sale

The general bill of sale form is usable for the purchase of a firearm in Kansas. Though firearms laws in this state are fairly lenient, the purchaser would do well to review HB 2578, the Firearms Transfer Bill of the Kansas House, which deals with the transfer of firearms.

Kansas Horse Bill of Sale

The general bill of sale form is usable for the purchase of a horse in Kansas. As a horse is a different type of property than a vehicle or firearm, we advise buyers to review the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s guidelines for livestock transfer, particularly across state lines.

What Is a Bill of Sale?

In Kansas, a general bill of sale is an affidavit (written legal record) that shows a transfer of property and/or ownership. The form includes the personal information of the buyer and seller, vehicle/property information, and purchase price. There is a space for the signatures of both the buyer and the seller upon completion of the bill of sale.

It is helpful to have this official document in the case of buying and registering a new vehicle under Kansas law. The Kansas Department of Revenue’s Division of Vehicles requires that new car owners officiate their purchase with a bill of sale. However, there are other cases where it might also be beneficial. For example, If two parties agree to buy and sell a vehicle and there is significant property or money involved, a bill of sale can provide proof of purchase for tax or other reasons.

How to Obtain and Complete a Bill of Sale in Kansas

  • Visit ksrevenue.gov for your county location, as local rules and regulations may apply to your transaction.
  • Then, go here to find the proper document.
  • Have both buyer and seller provide the appropriate information in the document. They may either type into the blue lines provided or print out the document and complete it with a pen.
  • Keep one copy of the bill of sale on hand, and file another with the local/county courts for recordkeeping purposes.


It is free to download and complete a Kansas bill of sale form. However, if there is any court filing involved, that usually includes hiring an attorney for their guidance and expertise on additional paperwork.

Though not technically illegal when accompanied by the buyer and seller’s signatures, it’s best to go with an official typed form when dealing with a bill of sale document.

In general, Kansas does not require a bill of sale to be notarized before it’s considered a valid legal document. If there is incomplete information, a notary might become necessary.