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A Mississippi deed form is a legal document that provides authorization to own or transfer land or real estate in the state. This process transfers legal ownership or a title of property, land, or an asset from one party to another. Each completed form must be recorded and filed with the Clerk of the Chancery Office.

Mississippi General Warranty Deed

A Mississippi general warranty deed (also known as a Mississippi property deed) transfers property or real estate in the state. This form offers the guarantee that the property doesn’t include hidden claims and that the owner or granter of the land fully authorizes the sale.

When a general warranty deed is issued in Mississippi, it must be recorded in the same judicial district as the real estate.

Mississippi Quit Claim Deed

Mississippi quit-claim deeds are most common between spouses or close relatives, such as immediate family. The quitclaim form is used to transfer real estate ownership from one party to another. This type of claim varies from a warranty deed because there is no guarantee to the title. It’s best to search the title before completing the sale thoroughly.

If you are purchasing the land or real estate, it’s important to research everything included in the sale before finalizing the purchase. Quitclaim deeds are every day in many states, though some attorneys recommend using general warranty deeds

Mississippi Special Warranty Deed

A Mississippi special warranty deed is like a general Mississippi warranty deed, with the addition of a guarantee from the seller or grantor that guarantees there are no claims on the title. This claim only guarantees no hidden claims from the grantor’s ownership and may not cover previous claims made on the real estate before their ownership of the real estate.

When extraordinary warranty deeds are issued, they are recorded with the chancery court clerk in the same judicial district as the real estate.

Mississippi Deed of Trust

A Mississippi deed of trust is an agreement between a lender and a home buyer when a property sale is closed. It’s a contract that states the property buyer will repay any loaned amount to the mortgage lender, and the lender will hold the legal title to the real estate until the amount is fully paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

A processed, signed, and notarized deed must be presented to the Recorder of the Deeds in the same county of the property. Once the deed is accepted and signed, the transfer is complete.

Mississippi property deeds are available online to complete. Real estate and legal websites offer a step-by-step process to complete the form, with the price range and other details required to file the deed.

On average, the cost to transfer a deed in Mississippi starts around $250, plus the cost of filing.

All deeds in Mississippi must be signed and recorded by witnesses in the presence of a public Notary. They must include the phone number of the grantee and grantor, and they must be filed with the Clerk of the Chancery Clerk’s Office.