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Maryland power of attorney comes in several distinct forms. Each of which grants an agent abilities in specific cases. The laws and  forms in Maryland are somewhat simple. But to help you get started, we have included free Maryland power of attorney forms below, as well as some descriptions of when you might use each one.  

Maryland Durable Power of Attorney

If you are seeking power of attorney, Maryland will consider it to be a durable power of attorney by default. With this condition, the agent maintains PoA even if the principal becomes disabled. They typically have the same powers as those included in the general form.

Maryland General Power of Attorney

When it comes to a general PoA, Maryland considers this role to include the supervision of all personal and business transactions. When a person has a general PoA in Maryland, they can perform tasks such as opening bank accounts and managing assets.

Maryland Limited Power of Attorney

Limited power of attorney differs a lot from general. With the limited form, a person can only utilize the authorities that the document specifies. Suppose the document does not include a provision. In that case, it is assumed to be outside of the agent’s power.

Maryland Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney in Maryland permits a person to appoint someone else to make their medical decisions for them. To grant medical PoA to someone in this state, you need to agree in writing before needing medical treatment. You also need multiple witnesses present at the signing.

Maryland Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

Minor power of attorney establishes a guardian for a child. That guardian essentially acts with the same rights that a parent would. They can make decisions over medical issues and schooling. However, the parents of the child can maintain the right to make religious decisions for the child. 

Maryland Power of Attorney FAQs

To help you better understand Maryland power of attorney, we have included answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions on the topic. 

Getting power of attorney in Maryland is a straightforward process. All you need to do is select the person you want to grant that power to. Then draft the details in a formal, legal document. After signing and notarizing that document, the provision goes into effect.

Revoking a PoA in Maryland is as simple as completing a revocation form. After that, you should contact your agent to let them know that you have revoked their power. You should also notify any organization that the agent interacted with on your behalf.

To notarize a PoA document in Maryland, you need to find a notary public. Then bring two adult witnesses to make the signing official. Both the grantor and their designed PoA need to be present, as both signatures are required.